Use TRAF GOLF high-end professional service to improve your game 

  1. 1. Get instructions - learn how to play golf  (TRAF GOLF Expertise)

  2. 2. Use better equipment  (TRAF GOLF Expertise)

  3. 3. Fit your equipment to your ability  (TRAF GOLF Expertise)

  4. 4. Practice

  5. 5. Play

  6. 6. Be confident in your game  (TRAF GOLF Expertise)

How to improve your golf game:

TRAF GOLF is currently operating in Farum, Denmark


Certified by:

   Maltby Professional Clubmaking Academy

    the leading authority on club design, fitting, and repair - PGA recommended

    United States Golf Teachers Federation

    leader in the Field of Golf Instruction

    Frankly Academies

    worldwide leaders in putting instruction


TRAF GOLF by Michael Bo Friis *  Phone: (+45) 4074 4404

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